About Us

About Us

UAB Daisena established in 1993, has succeeded in creating multiple Lithuanian markets leaders and internationally recognized products. In 2005 “Daisena” expanded its operations to Latvia and Estonia while simultaneously developing sales in export markets. Unique market and product positioning strategies, combined with the work of qualified sales specialists, constantly create our successful brand stories.

As a company, our goal and growth guarantee is to combine long-term experience in sales and distribution to create unique products according to the needs of consumers.
UAB “Daisena” holds the internationally recognized CrefoCertSTABLE DIAMOND certificate, which officially confirms that the company is stable and upholds the high standards of this certificate for more than ten years.

“Daisena” is also recognized as one of the 500 strongest leaders in Lithuania. That is a prestigious award given to the largest businesses in Lithuania while considering their growth, effectiveness, benefits for the employees, transparency, and contribution to nurturing business societies. These criteria are principal in the operations and philosophy of UAB “Daisena”.

Our Brands

UAB “Daisena trademarks are developed in one of the largest FMCG categories products like coffee, tea, sweets and energy drinks. A wide assortments is built while considering consumer needs and shipped to almost thirty different countries.

Our Strategy

Our Mission

We create brand success stories by providing fast and adaptive solutions

Our Vision

To become the first choice for our consumers

Our Values

Our values include: Cooperation, Flexibility, Speed, Ownership, Leadership, Positivity

Over 200

employees in the Baltic countries

30 years

of experience

Almost 40

export markets



We supply

to 3,385 stores in the Baltics

Our Experience

We have been building brand success stories since 1993 in the Baltic and export markets. Over the years, we have earned a reputation as a stable and sustainable business partner, providing professional services and goods of high quality standards. Today, the team of UAB Daisena are brand developers successfully growing their market share in the beverage and food categories worldwide.

Our Unique Approach

Understanding the customers

Most of our management resources go to constant communication with the direct consumers. This unique methodology better reveals consumer needs while creating products that are successful in different markets. Through the whole of this process, from creating the product to introducing it, we focus on the final goal – satisfying the expectations and needs of our consumers.

Understanding production operations

We have our production sectors and cooperate with more than fifty factories, located on three different continents. The partners for production are chosen by hosting massive contests. This process ensures that our partners fit the highest production quality standards. Our qualified specialists collectively with production technology professionals create unique recipes to adapt to the needs of consumers, deduced while researching the market.

Brand development

The brands that we develop are widely successful in the Baltic States. We create flourishing products in multiple export markets. While considering business results, research insight, and the work experience of qualified specialists, we develop trademarks that are relevant to consumers of different needs and target audiences.

Understanding commerce operations

Long-term experience and tight cooperation with the management of retail chains created an unprecedented partnership for one goal – complete satisfaction to the needs of consumers. Constant visits to various stores help us understand even the slightest sales processes and market changes. The gathered insight is shared with our partners of production and commerce to organize market moves accurately.

Our Services

Long-term experience in the Baltic and export markets and a team of qualified experts gives DAISENA an exceptional opportunity to provide only the highest quality services to its clients.

Our Story


UAB Daisena was founded in 1993, which successfully grew its basket of brands and team.


In 1998, when the owner of the company missed delicious coffee, the coffee brand AROMA GOLD was born. Other own brands were developed: in the raw snacks category – BOSO, in the sweets category – KIDDY, and in the juice and dry breakfast categories – AHA.


In 2005, the company expanded its activities to Latvia and Estonia and started to develop sales in export markets.


Since 2012, UAB Daisena has been awarded the internationally recognised CrefoCertSTABILUS certificate, which officially confirms that the company is financially stable, and in 2022 the CrefoCertSTABILUS DIAMOND certificate, as UAB Daisena has maintained the high standards required for this certificate for more than ten years in a row.

Since 2015, the company has been recognised as one of the winners of the Lithuanian Business Leaders 500. This is a prestigious award for the country’s largest companies, based on their business growth, operational efficiency, benefits to employees, transparency and contribution to the development of business society. These criteria are inseparable from the day-to-day operations and philosophy of UAB “Daisena”.

In 2022, Daisena presented its brands AROMA GOLD, AROMA TEA, KIDDY, etc. at the International Food and Beverage Exhibition in Paris, SIAL’22.
In 2023 we will see a new corporate strategy and a rebranding of the brands.