Logistics, Storage

Introduction of products in trade chains


Distribution in the Baltic States

We work with all retail chains in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia: in LT – 22 chains; in LV – 21 chains; in EE – 10 chains. We also have a large coverage of traditional retail stores.

UAB Daisena is headquartered in Kaunas, Lithuania. The branches of the company in Vilnius, Šiauliai, Panevėžys and Šilutė allow employees to quickly reach all sales points in the country.

  • <b>22</b> <span style="color:#FFFFFF ;">chains</span>

    22 chains

    in Lithuania

  • <b>21</b> <span style="color:#FFFFFF ;">chains</span>

    21 chains

    in Latvia

  • <b>10</b> <span style="color:#FFFFFF ;">chains</span>

    10 chains

    in Estonia

Latest Software

The team of mobile product care managers is equipped with the latest computers and software that enables staff to analyze the real-time situation at the point of sale and inform the headquarters. The data collected is processed in many different ways, which enables detailed reports to be prepared according to the manufacturer’s needs.

Full Distribution Team

Each trade chain is curated by a separate manager, which guarantees good customer relations, top-level supervision and excellence in project management. Professional care of the products at the sales points determines successful sales and forms the brand image in the market.

We are proud of our professional and experienced team who will take care of your products.