New AROMA GOLD coffee capsules range!

AROMA GOLD introduces the famous substitute flavours of coco and oat milk, which are an excellent complement to unique AROMA GOLD range of coffee mix!

On the basis of many tastings and analyses of recipes and compositions, we managed to develop our capsules to an extraordinary coffee taste, and we bravely believe that this is the best what You can find in coffee capsule.

AROMA GOLD has supplemented its range of coffee capsules with a duo of oat milk beverage and aromatic, gently harmonious coffee Oat Flat White, which corresponds to vegan fashion. For those who like an exotic taste, AROMA GOLD offers Coconut Flat White a beverage mix of coco and nut flavours together with lightly ground, supreme quality fragrant coffee taste.

These delicate tastes of coffee indicate a supreme quality in Your coffee cup!

Our slogan - SPEED!

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