NEW – BOSO MIX – snacks for all day long!

Due to constantly accelerating pace of life, we must also change our eating habits, therefore we created BOSO MIX product line for snacks of all day according to our consumer needs!
New unique product recipes correspond to morning, afternoon, and evening needs for a snack!

BOSO MORNING MIX has more seeds and berries, its consistency is suitable for morning recipes, mashes, yoghurts, and other dishes.

BOSO AFTERNOON MIX a mix of classic, 4 nuts, dried berries, and fruits, created to have a snack during day and when there is no time, but You want something nutritious!

BOSO EVENING MIX is a mix created on the base of vegetables and nuts, therefore ideally suitable for evening snacks!

BOSO MIX are snacks for all day long!

Our slogan - SPEED!

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