News in the range of ground coffee AROMA GOLD IN-CUP!

AROMA GOLD IN-CUP classic ground coffee line has been complemented with two new, favourite coffee tastes – this is the light CREMA and aromatic ESPRESSO!

CREMA is a ground coffee, produced using 100 % supreme quality Arabica coffee beans grown in Latin and Central American plantations. It is a coffee of perfectly balanced velvet lightness, which characterizes with rich aroma and long-lasting taste of chocolate. It is ideally suitable for people, who search for the balance of lightness and taste.

ESPRESSO is a strong and aromatic, medium roasting ground coffee, which characterizes with slight acidity, taste of roasted peanuts and sweet fruits. This is traditional Italian espresso recipe produced according to specific technology and using supreme quality coffee beans of 80 % Arabica (from Latin and Central America) and 20 % of selected Asian Robusta coffee beans.


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