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AROMA GOLD is a well-known and appreciated coffee not only in Lithuania, but also abroad. Our quality coffee appeals to a wide variety of customers, depending on their favorite brewing method. We provide: Coffee Beans, Ground Coffee, Instant Coffee, 3in1. Also, we started our production line of Dolce Gusto in 2020 and Nespresso compatible capsules in 2021. Our coffee has a distinctive taste and aroma because of the special slow-roasting technology.


A line of high quality, medium roasted coffee – taste of which possesses a hint of ripe berries, plums and dark chocolate. AROMA PLATINUM is well regarded not only by standard consumers, but also by coffee professionals and baristas.
This coffee line is enriched with arabica coffee beans from Colombia, created in collaboration with SCAE (Specialty Coffee Association Europe) certified baristas. This is an exclusive coffee that will fill your day with moments of pleasure.


AROMA TEA – Unique taste fruit tea, which is to discover the inspiration and your inner harmony. Fruity flavors give you more colors and the aroma of tea will take you a coziness. 100% fruity composition will allow to enjoy for the most picky users. Incredible combinations of taste are discovered in this tea. It doesn’t have caffeine in contain, it’s appropriate for kids. This line of teas gives you a brightness for your everyday rituals and will allow break loose from routine.


• The sorts of coffee beans are proffesionaly selected according to classical Italian coffee
preparation traditions that give strong, pleasant taste and aroma.
• Coffee 777 is roasted and grounded by using modern original Italian equipment.
• Specially grounded Coffee 777 is good for variuos ways of preparation.
Start your day successfully with Coffee 777!


During the constant development of “BOSO” brand, we do not only expand our reach and clientele but also create new products. Today “BOSO” has the widest range of snacks to meet different consumer needs. “BOSO SNACK” sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, pistachio, peanuts and nuts or berries mixes developed to suit the highest standards of quality and taste. Also, so many of “BOSO SNACK” products have no analogues on the market.
“BOSO SNACK” products are with high nutritional value, as seeds and nuts contain many beneficial nutrients such as vitamins and fiber. “BOSO SNACK” is a snack that fits the modern lifestyle.


“AHA” is a snacks and beverages product line that is not only popular among young kids now but also very nostalgic to people who grew up in the 2000s. It is one of the first brand of our company. The fact that “AHA” has remained popular for such a long time is not a coincidence. The iconic lion mascot of the brand is a attractive character that loves to have fun and inspires children to strive for more and reach for their dreams. AHA product range is designed for those moments when you want something delicious and comforting.
New AHA soft drink line with reduced sugar content, without added sweeteners and artificial colours to let our children to refresh with delicious and healthier beverages.


Sometimes a bad day can get better with just a little bit of good sweetness. “KIDDY” has many kinds of different products, so when you will have a bad day, we recommend to taste different types of chocolate cream, candy or cookies with cocoa.
“KIDDY” is a playful and delicious products that let you to do an experiment with the taste. Various and unique sweets of “KIDDY” will surely put a smile on every child’s face and even surprise adults. The products of this brand are made by utilizing the technology of the highest grade and original recipes.


Top quality canned products. All our products are developed and produced only in Lithuania, according to time-tested recipes. We do not use flavour enhancers or preservatives in our production, and the production unit where ŠEIMOS products are prepared is the most modern in the Baltic States. The air is filtered, the water is purified and the products are produced in a completely closed, sterile line with no human contact. This technology allows the preparation of high quality products that do not require added preservatives and have a longer shelf life than usual.


One of the newcomers to the energy drink category. Started only in 2019, already had one of the most famous projects together with McLaren. It is one of the top growing brand in the energy drinks sector in the Baltic states which offers a variety of different flavored drinks filled in 250ml and 355ml cans.

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