We are pleased to work with professionals in their field. One of such companies is Orimi Trade presenting the high-quality JARDIN coffee and coffee blends. Every third consumer in Russia drinks coffee from this producer, and coffee and coffee blends are exported to 35 countries. The Arabica used to make JARDIN coffee is grown in Colombia, Ethiopia, Guatemala and Sumatra. Even the most discerning consumers can discover JARDIN coffee that suits their taste.

The wide selection of this coffee will satisfy everyone – the lovers of the instant coffee, ground coffee or coffee beans. Coffee production uses technologies of the highest quality standards to ensure aroma and flavour when coffee reaches your home.

JARDIN collection of high-quality ground coffee is made of exclusive blends of arabica, whose incomparable taste makes every moment of the day a unique experience. Coffee JARDIN reveals the variety of coffee flavours, richness of shades and nuances inherent in rare arabica varieties, and the collection of natural instant coffees made from arabica beans grown on different continents gives you a taste of exotica in every mouthful!