2020 AROMA PLATINUM news from the Netherlands!

AROMA PLATINUM introduces two new products in its line. These are exclusive ground coffee and coffee beans made in the Netherlands to the highest quality standards. These coffees are highly valued not only among regular consumers, but also among coffee professionals and baristas.

AROMA PLATINUM IN-CUP ground coffee made according to a new recipe created with the help of a barista. This coffee is made from Colombian Arabica beans supplemented with beans from the best plantations in South America, Central Africa, and Southeast Asia. It is extremely finely ground and therefore has a rich taste and exceptional aroma.

AROMA PLATINUM coffee beans are an exclusive recipe blend of 100% of Arabica coffee beans that came from Brazilian coffee plantations supplemented with fragrant coffee beans from America and Asia. The secret of this exclusive recipe is the individually roasted and matched medium-light and dark roasted coffee beans, which create a highly balanced and unique blend with a predominance of nut and chocolate aftertaste.

AROMA PLATINUM is a coffee that will fill your day with exceptional moments of pleasure.