Daisena presents unique Schogetten chocolate news!

As every year, chocolate experts – Schogetten present new, limited seasonal flavors that will make you feel a different chocolate, one you haven’t tasted in a long time!

– Schogetten LET’S GO NUTS IN DARK – dark chocolate with roasted pieces of hazelnuts! Designed for true dark chocolate lovers!

– Schogetten LET’S GO TUTTI FRUTTI – white and milk chocolate with peach and passion fruit filling, skim milk yoghurt cream and crispy peach granules! Will allow you to enjoy tropical fruits!

– Schogetten LET’S GO SWEET’N’SALTY – milk chocolate with peanut cream filling and salty biscuit pieces! For those who like unconventional taste!

– Schogetten SKYR – milk chocolate with Icelandic yogurt SKYR flavored cream cheese filling. We recommend enjoying it chilled!

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