KOK energy – an energy drink inspired by victory!

The creation of the KOK Energy drink was inspired by the energy hidden in KOK tournaments. KOK Energy drink is enriched with the necessary substances to balance the amount of energy received. The expressive taste of the drink and the power of the energy provided will turn you into a winner!

  • 30 MG/100 ML OF CAFFEINE
  • VITAMINS – B2    B3    B6   B12 – beneficial to the body
  • L – CARNITINE – helps to burn fat, lose weight naturally
  • TAURINE – gives your body the ability to fight stress more easily
  • GUARANA EXTRACT – provides a flow of energy that is intensifying and lasts for a long time

The spirit of the fighters lies in KOK Energy drink: STRONG – ENERGETIC – PERSISTENT!