Coffee capsules – a special novelty in the Aroma Gold range!

Aroma Gold has added another special novelty to its range. From now on, Aroma Gold also has capsules.

These capsules are manufactured to the highest standards and the latest technology in one of the most advanced German factories in the world.

Coffee beans are roasted at a low temperature slowly and evenly: at the first moments of roasting, they caramelize, then the rich aroma of coffee begins to unfold. The essential oils that give the coffee its taste and aroma are extracted more evenly, the surface of the beans is not over-roasted, and the inside is perfectly browned. Thanks to the research of compositions and recipes and endless tastings, we have managed to perfect them into coffee of unparalleled taste, so we boldly believe that this is the best thing that can be found in a coffee capsule. Instead of looking for new recipes and creating different flavors, we simply focused our efforts and attention on the three most popular and most popular flavors:

Cappuccino – a timeless classic with a perfectly balanced taste, surrounded by thick milk foam

Latte Macchiato – a unique combination of espresso and thick milk foam with a special aroma

Espresso Intenso – a real Italian espresso with a rich aroma and intense taste

Love for coffee from the first sip…