Rollton noodles is the most popular product of 2017

We are proud of the great achievements in the “Most Popular Product 2017” competition organized for the ninth consecutive year. After analysing the sales data of the most popular Lithuanian supermarket chains Maxima, Iki, Rimi and Norfa in 2017, Rollton Chicken Flavour Noodles were selected as the most popular noodle product of 2017.

The products of all competing brands were tested by the State Food and Veterinary Service and the State Consumer Rights Protection Authority. This was to find out which goods really meet quality, hygiene and safety requirements. Only when all the requirements were met was it possible to enter and compete in this competition.

The competition picked the most popular items in different food categories, but only 1st place winners were eligible for the ‘Most Popular Product 2017’ nomination. While the competition was fierce, Rollton Chicken Flavour Noodles were awarded with the top prize.


Rollton Noodles “Most Popular Product 2017”