Our strength is our fully formed team of specialists!

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Product manager is responsible for the development of every brand. This guarantees the following:


  • effective and direct communication with the person responsible for the project success;
  • the highest-level competence in management of every project;
  • minimal system of hierarchy and task delegation;
  • operative and flexible reaction towards the market situation.




Every advertising project manager works not only with marketing projects of separate products but also specializes in planning of particular advertising measures, directly cooperating with media channels and producers of advertising tools.

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Our strength – united reaching for goals!

UAB “Daisena” sees all the provided services as the totality. Consequently, due to the close cooperation between the marketing and distribution departments, we can reach for the highest results on the market.


Our exclusivity is experience!

Having a long-term experience with the package of products of different price levels and groups, we are able to professionally evaluate and analyse target markets, competitors and business models.

We prepare a marketing strategy and a successful plan of brand positioning and sales development only having considered the competitive environment, product`s development on the market and the goals set.

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We directly cooperate with all the media channels and producers of advertising tools. Thanks to the long-time partnership and overall UAB “Daisena” product portfolio, we are able to offer our partners the most effective planning of advertising channels under the best conditions.


Our expediency is a constant control and an operative reaction!

We constantly control the quality of a project`s progress and results. This helps us to react flexibly towards the market situation.


The most important quality is loving your job!

Working with projects of a particular sphere, every manager and leader improves purposefully during the daily work. We constantly extend our knowledge during internal and external training and share market innovations inside the company. Our team constantly improves because we love our job.



Marketing strategy preparation services


  • analysis of target markets, competitors and business models;
  • preparation of marketing strategies;
  • planning of advertising actions;
  • planning of advertising in media channels and product integration services
  • public relations campaigns;
  • organisation of promotional discounts and games;
  • Organisation of promotional events and tastings;
  • Internet, television, radio, press, outdoor, cinema, non-standart solutions;
  • Product package design;
  • Product labelling;

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