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Thank you for visiting and being interested in the services provided by UAB Daisena. Please familiarize yourself with the personal data protection procedure of UAB Daisena:

– Protection of candidates’ personal data

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If you have any questions or complaints regarding personal data processing please contact UAB Daisena, Sandraugos g. 23, LT-52102 Kaunas, Lithuania, by e-mail: or by phone.: 370 37 47 33 00.


Protection of candidates’ personal data

As part of our selection process of vacancies at UAB Daisena, we will collect and process the personal data you submit by filling out the form on our website, the data you provide to us by e-mail or otherwise for employment in our company and the data we legitimately receive from others to assess the eligibility of your candidacy (personal information: desired position, name and surname, date of birth, address, city, email, phone number; education: educational institution, specialty; work experience: company, duration of employment (from and to), position, nature of the job; other information: whether you have a driving license, your wishes and requirements for the future job, your desired salary, details on your CV, your cover letter or other documents when applying for a job; evaluation information of you as a candidate).

We collect and process your personal data submitted during the selection process for job vacancies or internships at UAB Daisena for the purpose of selection on the basis of your consent, which you express to us or the employment services company by sending or otherwise submitting your CV and other related documents as well as completing the form on our website.

In the event that your candidacy is not selected, we will delete and destroy all personal data processed for your selection within three months of the signing of the employment contract with the selected candidate.


Cookie policy

  1. What is a ‘cookie’?

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